Our mission

To earn the trust of the employers by providing them with quality service of assessing candidates – through a reliable, fast and simple staff selection process.

Using psychological assessment we facilitate the employment process and help in selecting the staff which suits the demands of the workplace the most.


We are always following the latest news from both the scientific and business worlds. We offer quality, speed and availability to all employers. We base our staff selection on the latest discoveries from the whole world and we apply the latest and reliable psychological tests. The team of psychologists we hire are working on the entire area of Croatia.


We hire licensed psychologists from all areas of the Republic of Croatia to perform the selection process. Our mobile teams, if needed, also go to neighboring countries.

Our clients about us

Experience has shown us that it is best to leave the selection process in the hands of psychologists from Selekcija.hr. And we weren’t wrong – it is our practice now to use them!

Darko Moržan,
manager of Biesterfeld Spezialchemie Ltd., Croatia


Two months after doing the candidates selection and getting the recommendation from the psychologists from Selekcija.hr, I doubted one candidate who I chose for the position of quality mattress lines sales executive. However, in his third month on the job, he made the biggest profit and took the leading position among the sales executives!

Ivan Marion
manager of Marion Ltd.

Psychological testing, assessing and staff selection – why?

Because where are never truly objective! Every single way of looking at a situation is our own, the way we see anything – even the candidates sitting before us is connected with previous experiences and our emotions.

What about intuition?

Employers believe they select employees based on intuition, „a good feeling they get“ or „inner signal“, however, at the same time, unconsciously, a process of comparing the candidate’s physical and psychological skills is taking place (in front of him) with the people they have known from before! So, while the employers think their intuition is signaling which one of the candidates is good, not suitable or smart, unknowingly they are observing the candidates through the prism of their own emotions and previous experiences with other people! Similarity is possible not just based on physical appearance, but also on the color of one’s voice, behavior and gestures, psychological traits… Everyone can make a mistake, which means mistakes in assessing a candidate are common and unpleasant, and carry great expenses!

The solution?

Professional staff selection, i.e. applying objective and scientific psychological tests alongside other methods of assessment. Only after a psychological assessment do we start applying our own impression and make the final recommendations.

There are not many professions that can say they use such impressive empirical verification of their professional work! Determined coefficient of operational validity for IQ tests and other structural diagnostic procedures with their professionalism) confirm that the professional selection is an extremely effective procedure.

prof. Branimir Šverko, MD, PhD
Suvremena psihologija (Contemporary psychology) 6 (2003),2, pg. 308.

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