1. How do candidates gain access to the tests?
Candidates receive a testing invitation via e-mail and that is the way they get access to tests. There are three ways in which the testing invitation can be sent:
  • Automatic sending of testing invitations – when a candidate applies to a job through an application link placed in a job ad, he automatically gets a testing invitation to his email. There are some very simple options which you can manage through Selekcija.hr system as well. Besides that, software automatically forms groups of candidates depending on a job ad they have applied to.
  • “Copy-paste” – in this option, you can copy paste the entire column of the Excel table (with candidate’s email addresses) into a provided space in the system and send testing invitations in just a few seconds. You can use the copy paste option just for one specific candidate or for a group of them.
  • Manual sending of testing invitations – even when a group with applied job candidates has already been formed you still have the option to manually enter one or more candidates to the group. After you have entered candidate’s personal information including an e-mail address you just have to check mark him and send the testing invitation through „communication with candidates” section.
2. Which tests should I use?
Selekcija.hr offers you personality tests and tests of cognitive abilities that are suitable for people in all positions of employment. Basically, there is no test for a certain position, but it is important what information about the candidate you want to find out using the tests.  As an answer to that frequently asked question we have prepared an interesting article for you, named “How to choose the best test for an employee’s assessment?”.
3. When can I see the test results?
After the candidate has completed the tests, results are immediately visible in your Selekcija.hr profile.
4. What does the test results report look like?
There are several types of reports that are generated based on test results: Psychologist friendly report – with graphical representations and T values, categories and interpretations of results. This report can be downloaded in PDF or EXCEL format, for one specific candidate or for the entire group of tested candidates.
Report for HRs or executives – with descriptions of candidate profiles. This report is adjusted and understandable to anyone working in the hiring process. The report can be downloaded in PDF or Excel format as well, for one specific candidate or for the whole group of tested candidates.
Short summary – the system also generates a short summary of the results which outlines the possible advantages and disadvantages of the candidate according to the test results.
5. Do candidates receive any feedback about the testing?
This is up to you as a client. Candidates may have the ability to access the test results or adapted report through their profile. However, each employer, or a person in charge of employment, has an option to remove the ability of your candidates to see test results in just few clicks.
6. Whose tests are available in Selekcija.hr software?
Selekcija.hr has been working on the development of digitized psychodiagnostic instruments for 17 years and in 2018. we became the official publisher of psychological tests in Croatia. Therefore, tests you can see in the system are published by Selekcija.hr, however,  we do have approvals to use the tests of some other authors, and soon we will manage the licenses of the most prestigious test publishers as well.
7. What if I don’t know how to interpret the test results?
Anyone who starts using new tests and questionnaires, whether they are psychologist or not, may encounter this problem. To help you, for each test there are manuals available on our platform where you can see metric characteristics, what the test measures, a method of administration and norms of results. If this is too much for you, the test results are described in detail in the reports, and in each report you get a brief summary of the possible advantages and disadvantages of the candidate as well. If you are still uncertain, you can contact our psychologists who will be happy to assist you in the process of evaluation based on the test results.
8. How can I be sure the candidate has solved the tests by himself?
Very simple!  When sending test invitations, you have the option of taking pictures or video recording candidates while solving tests. This option is compliant with Personal Data Protection (GDPR) and requires the candidate to approve the use of the camera on the device they are using when running the test. As an added protection, the system is programmed to display alerts when leaving the tab where the test is opened, and prohibits the ability to copy or paste the text as well.
9. What if the candidate does not have a camera?
The system is customized for all types of devices and for different kind of web browsers. So, if the candidate does not have a webcam on a desktop computer, he can complete the profile and the test via an android phone or other device that has the camera and available Internet connection. Also, you have the option to shut down the use of the camera even though you have already sent out a test invitation. You can do that for one specific candidate or for the whole group of candidates.
10. What questions should I use during my interview with candidates?
Based on test results, Selekcija.hr software automatically suggests possible interview questions that you can easily add to your own list of questions. So, in one place you have your own questions,  questions suggested by the software based on test results, or one of 300 questions from the Selekcija.hr list which you can edit as well.
11. How does a video interview look like?
The employer asks a question in written form in his user profile,  and on the other side, there is a candidate who in his profile video records short answers to the asked questions .
Therefore, the employer can send the desired set of questions via a testing invitation, and the candidate captures a short video response for each question, very simply, in the Selekcija.hr software. This way, the employer has a chance to get to know the candidates faster and can save time to themselves and to candidates as well.
12. What if technical problems occur while candidate is solving the test?
If the test is terminated due to poor internet connection, accidental or deliberate closing of the Internet browser or some other technical problem that prevented the candidate from completing the test, the candidate can submit a request for the test to be resolved again.  You then decide, based on the candidate’s request and explanation of the termination of the test, whether or not to approve the request. Furthermore, while most candidates are clear about using a camera and how to approve its use, some candidates may have additional questions. In order to tackle this problem we assured that the candidates can in their profiles find a detail explanation of how to approve the use of the camera in different internet browsers. In case any major technical issues or problems occur, our developer team eliminates such difficulties in a short period of time and will be happy to assist the candidates and clients.
13. Does the software offer any knowledge tests?
Although we do not offer knowledge test yet, we do have the ability to enter tests and questionnaires in our software at the request of the user, if the user does not violate the copyrights of third parties. Therefore, if you have such request, Selekcija.hr can enter the desired knowledge test, which, among other tests of ours, you can assign to candidates. Otherwise, the focus of the Selekcija.hr team is on psychological measuring instruments, which are the most complex form of tests and questionnaires for measuring work competencies.
14. Do you plan to expand your test offer?
Of course, we work on a daily basis to create and standardize new tests. Since 80% of our employees are psychologists, our focus is on the development of psychological measuring instruments. In addition, some of the world’s largest test publishers have announced that they plan to provide us with licenses for their tests.
15. What is the “Work Values Questionnaire”?
Behind this instrument is a personality questionnaire based on a five-factor theory of personality. Given that personality traits are predictors of one’s work performance, conscientiousness in business, or being proactive, we wanted to bring the complicated and incomprehensible names of existing questionnaires closer to the general public. On the one hand, to the employers to whom these names are more understandable, and on the other hand, to candidates who can get scared of complicated names of the tests and give up testing.
16. How do clients other than psychologists use (interpret) tests?
If you work in human resources, you may have already came across the names of specific competencies or information which are offered by psychological testing. However, this information is now given an unambiguous name, value and interpretations, and is becoming understood by other HR professionals, not just psychologists. Exactly this is their value, because it takes time to identify the qualities of a particular person, and by testing that kind of information you get right away and you can hire a person of the right profile.  (More information in the article “How to choose the best test for an employee’s assessment?”). Furthermore, to make it easier for people in HR who are not psychologists to use the tests, software offers them a report adjusted for non-psychologists. The report describes the test results in detail and describes the profile  of the candidate in a simple and understandable way to minimize the possibility of misinterpretation of the results.
17. How do clients other than psychologists use the software?
The principle of using the software is the same for everyone. Selekcija.hr as ATS software with the possibility of psychological testing and anonymous surveys is adapted for all HR employees
18. Can I send reports to someone within the company, such as a regional manager who is conducting interviews or someone who needs my opinion?
Since the software is divided into several levels, you are able to create username and password for your co-workers and you can choose the level, or amount of information, that you want your co-worker to access.
19. I have my own test, can I use it through your software?
Of course, if you have used your own test in selection processes by far or you have a test with no violation of the copyrights present and you want to continue using it in your selection processes we are at your service. Selekcija.hr is a testing platform and is suited for entering any type of test.
20. How many candidates can be tested at a time?
The number of simultaneous testing is unlimited. Selekcija.hr simultaneously uses multiple servers to ensure the same user experience for everyone. So, if the number of testing candidates exceeds current capabilities and capacities, servers are amplified so users can use the system without problems.
21. Can candidates be tested via mobile devices?
Of course, any device that has Internet access can run the application.
22. How many tests can each candidate complete?
The candidate can complete as many tests as you assign to him. You can also change the number of tests even after you have already sent the test invitations, and if you wish to cancel some of the given test, you just need to disable the visibility of the test.  Either for just one candidate or for the groups of  candidates. NOTE: Selekcija.hr does not charge you for the number of used tests, but for the number of tested candidates.
23. In case I want to make sure the candidate is not cheating is it better to use webcam video recording or just taking the pictures is enough?
From our experience, as well as from the experience of our clients, we can say that most candidates are not prone to cheating. Still, there are rare candidates who will call a friend for help and this is visible in the photos. Due to the width of the shooting angle that today’s cameras cover, it is difficult to avoid the lens while helping a friend pass the tests. Cognitive ability tests are especially difficult to complete in low concentration or partial screen orientation conditions because not all details relevant to selecting the correct answer can be observed. Having said that, our advice is to avoid recording (especially for highly educated individuals who are less likely to cheat on tests!), and if you do need some form of control, choose the more economical „taking the pictures”option over the video recording option. In this way, you reduce the internet consumption of candidates, and this is important because poor internet connection (in candidates) is the most common cause of difficulties during testing, as longer tests increase the size of the video document that needs to be saved on the server. Photos are simply faster and easier to save to the server. Also, if you choose the video recording option, you must subsequently review the entire recording to make sure that the candidate did not have a helper, and with the taking pictures option, the system will show you a large number of sporadically captured photos where you can easily spot the intruder.
24. What is the deadline for completing the tests?
It is up to you to set the time limit for completing the tests. You can set your own deadline which you can change or extend if needed.
25. Is the software translated to another language?
Selekcija.hr software is available in Croatian, English and German, as well as all tests we are currently offering. For some clients, the system has been partially translated to Serbian and will soon be translated to Slovak and Hungarian. It is important to emphasize that the respondent (candidate or employee) can access the tests in one language, while the HR manager or psychologist can view the results in one of the other languages available.
1. Can I take the test more than once if I have not been satisfied with my results?
You can take the test (related to a certain job application) just once. However, the most common answer to this question is not to worry, there is no test that is made with the assumption that people solve it 100%. Furthermore, re-solving the test is possible in case of interruption of the test due to technical problems.
2. Can I see my results after taking the test?
Displaying the test results depends on the employer you are applying for. Thus, some employers will provide candidates with automated access to the test results (in the candidate’s user interface – the “results” button next to each completed test), while some prefer a personal approach to providing feedback.
3. When taking the test, my browser gives me the message “Please wait …” – what’s going on?
When you see the “Please Wait” message on the screen, there is probably a problem with your Internet connection. Poor Internet connection can cause system downtime and in most cases it is enough to wait a few seconds for the system to continue operating. If system interruptions continue, we suggest that you look for a better Internet connection or other device that has a better Internet connection.
4. What happens if I leave the tab in which the test is running while solving the test?
The system registers everytime you leave the tab where the test is running, so when you get back to the „test tab” you will be warned with the system message not to leave the tab again.
5. Can I do the testing if I do not have a camera?
If the employer, for the job contest you applied for, did not include the option of recording or taking pictures during the test – you can. However, if your employer has turned on that option, you will not be able to complete the tests without a camera. Employers usually use this option so they can be sure of final test results and /or because of previous attempts of cheating on online tests.
6. Can I start the testing today and continue tomorrow or some other day?
Of course, when you complete one test, you can solve the other tomorrow or whenever is convenient for you. It is only important that you complete the tests within the time limit you are informed in the test invitation. The thing it is not possible to do is retaking the same test several times (Question 1).
7. I only have a Mozilla Firefox browser, can I still do the testing?
Yes, you can. You can access testing from any browser, however, according to our users’ experience, we do recommend you Google Chrome.
8. When will I receive feedback regarding the job I apply for?
The feedback on the results of the job contest is provided by the employers whose contest you have applied for.
9. What should I do if my test time runs out in case of system problems?
When technical issues occur, you can stop the test and submit a request to resolve the test again  
10. In what languages can I do the testing?
You can access the test in Croatian, English or German.
11. Can I try the test before I start solving it?
In order to get started with the test, it is a requirement to solve several example tasks, which are an integral part of the instruction, that is, the introduction to the test. Each test has its own examples of tasks that you need to complete before you begin solving the actual test. In addition, you can find practice tests in your profile and although they are not the exact same as real tests, they can still somewhat prepare you and provide you with an insight into what to expect when solving the tests.
12. Do I have to solve all the tests?
You do not have to, but it is desirable, because in this way you show motivation for the job you applied for, you show that nothing is difficult for you, that you have completed the tasks that the employer asked for, and that you, as a potential employee, will be motivated to complete the tasks in the future. In addition, a large number of candidates perform better through testing than in live interviews, and employers may in your test results see the qualities that you (due to shyness, nervousness, or other circumstances) may not be able to present well in the job interview. Due to online testing of Selekcija.hr, our clients, employers, have hired a large number of candidates who were initially rejected due to lack of experience or poor CVs.
13. Can I upload my own CV?
Yes, you can upload your CV in PDF, Word (.doc, .docx) or Libre (.odt) format, or fill in your information in Selekcija.hr system and make the CV on the spot. You can use this CV (written simply by filling in the information in the Selection.hr system) for other job posts as well.
14. If I apply to multiple job ads through your platform, do I have to take the tests multiple times, or is it enough to take them just once?
If the employer has selected the same tests as the employer from the previous job ad – you don’t have to solve the tests again, but you must give the approval of using the old results. On the other hand, if the employer has selected some other tests, you will have to solve the tests he has chosen.
15. Who can I contact if I have some problems while solving the tests?
For any technical problems while solving the tests, you can contact administrator@selekcija.hr
16. Is my information secure?
Of course. Selekcija.hr approaches the storage of personal data conscientiously, making every effort to protect your data in the best possible way. The data is protected at several levels, from encryption and anonymization to the technical separation and/or storage of test results from the candidate’s protected personal information. In addition, the Selekcija.hr system is protected by GDPR provisions, and each user can delete his or her profile at any time, choose to whom and when his / her personal information is visible, has the right to correct, delete or limit the processing of personal data, has the right to object to the processing and the right to the transferability of the processed personal data.
17. How long does the test solving take?
Duration of testing depends on the tests the employer has selected. It can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 90 minutes. The average duration of the tests is about 30-40 minutes. However, you do not have to solve all the tests at once, you can do them in several times, but it is important that you complete the tests within the given deadline.
18. Do I need to own a laptop to take the test?
You can access testing from any smartphone, tablet or computer. The type of device doesn’t matter, it’s just important that you have access to an internet connection. However, we recommend that you run tests on computers or tablets.
19. Can I delete my profile if I no longer want to participate in the job ad?
Of course. Any candidate can delete their profile at any time.
20 .Who can see my test results?
A psychologist, HR professional, or some other person responsible for hiring at the company that posted the job contest you applied for. As soon as you have completed the particular test, they can see the test results. Other employers, ordinary employees or other candidates applying for the job do not see your results.
21. Do I always have to take the test for another employer again, if I have already taken it before?
When two different employers send out a test invitation with the same test that you can solve without having to use a camera, you can use the test results that are not older than 6 months. However, make sure you also authorize the use of those results, so the employer can see your test results, as they cannot see the test results which are visible to other employers. You choose whether to retake the test or use the old test results. Note: you must retake the tests in case the employer requires camera surveillance when completing the test.