Written by: Marija Biuk, psychologist. Very often during the selection process the best candidates are […]

Selection of the employees – questions at a job interview

Written by: Divna Jović, psychologist. When we are engaging in an adventure known as „job […]

Asking about the salary – a tricky question at the job interview

Written by: Ana Zlatar, psychologist. The real answer about the salary question is actually the […]

You got a rejection letter!?

Written by: Zoran Tučkar, psychologist. The job application is maybe set up for the worst […]

What to ask at a job interview?

Written by: Ana Zlatar, psychologist. If you don’t ask any questions, you leave an impression […]

Lying on a psychological test – to try or not to try?

Written by: Zoran Tučkar, psychologist. It is used in all possible situations, especially before elections, […]

Psychological testing – what should the candidates know

Written by: Zoran Tučkar, psychologist. Many legends have been told about personality tests – from […]

Getting a rejection letter after a job interview

Ovdje možete preuzeti primjer odbijenice ili „Obavijesti o rezultatima natječaja…„Na neke osobe tuđe mišljenje i kritika nemaju utjecaja.“ Ova tvrdnja je rijetkost, a često i laž…Rješenje nije u ignoriranju negativnog, nego u profitiranju od kritike, jer negativno nije uvijek pogrešno…

Psycho tests for work – where to find them?

Mental capacity tests are among the most useful and valid methods for predicting how successful […]

Recession stress

Written by: Tanja Dejanović Šagadin, psychologist. Various psychosomatic symptoms are often caused by stress from […]

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