Why selection, why not (just) the interview?

In terms of prediction business success it has proved that a simple, unstructured (job) interview is approximately the same as shooting a target with a dart. Sometimes we hit the centre, but very rarely! Is this really the way you want to make decisions in your company? According to some studies the overlapping of assessing abilities via and interview and via objective tests is – only 14%. In other words, if the interview is the only method you use in the selection process, you have to hire 7 workers in order to hire one successful one! (Read: List of costs of employing a wrong candidate or a worker leaving).

Studies show that psychological tests raise the success of the selection interview from 30% to 80%. Besides, through psychological test you can discover the truly talented workers!

Through psychological tests you can discover potentially successful workers; especially if the employer approves that the candidates are tested in their own homes (Internet testing)! The benefits are obvious: quality candidates can be hundreds of miles away, so sometimes they don’t apply for the job. Others are maybe working, so they don’t want to risk losing their job. For those employers who fear cheating, there is the system of additional candidate check.

By testing candidate from their homes the number of those participating in the selection process grows bigger. By this you are increasing the chances of „getting“talent and the probability of employing highly productive, satisfied workers. In additions to all this, the expenses are getting smaller!